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What is the shelf life of Amidosan® Powder?
According to the Cosmetic Regulation 1223/2009 cosmetic products with a shelf life of more than 30 months do not have to specify an expiration date on the packaging, but must contain details of the PAO (Period After Opening) which specifies the period within which the product should be safely used, once it has been opened.  Amidosan ® Powder is an anhydrous product, ie free of water (a characteristic which is unfavourable to microorganism growth) and is packaged in single-dose sachets so not subject to the risks of contamination, so has a very long shelf life and does not require a PAO. Amidosan ® Powder has been on the market for 50 years and its microbiological and organoleptic properties have been confirmed as stable, even on samples that were produced 10 years ago.

What does cleansing by "adsorption" mean?
Adsorption, not to be confused with "absorption", is a feature of powders such as starch and clays which are able to remove and absorb onto their particles only the surface layer of the skin causing no alteration to the hydrolipid film. Adsorption is the most delicate form of cleansing.


Can I use Decuvia Plus on abrasions or damaged skin?
Due to the composition of Decuvia Plus, it can be used on small abrasions but as it is not a sterile product its use on wounds is not permitted under cosmetic regulations.

Can I use Decuvia Plus on a burn?
The completely natural composition of Decuvia Plus means it is highly recommended for use on small burns because it helps to alleviate the discomfort, prevent hyperemia and limits the formation of blisters on the affected area so promotes rapid healing of the damaged skin.

How quickly does Decuvia Plus soothe an irritation?
The soothing effect of Decuvia Plus on a variety of skin irritations is almost immediate.

Does the use of Decuvia Plus have any side effects?
Decuvia Plus is made from natural ingredients and its use has no known side effects or risks.  It is in fact recommended for topical use as a natural alternative to cortisone creams without the possible side effects of the latter.


Can I can use Amidosan ® Liquid to wash my hair?
Yes, especially if it tends to be greasy. However as it is not specifically a shampoo it cannot meet the diverse requirements for all types of hair as marketed today.

Why does Amidosan ® Liquid have a "traditional formula"?
Because its formula consists of traditional anionic and amphoteric surfactants that have always been used in soaps to create foam and to obtain the effective cleansing action. In Amidosan ® Liquid the cleanser agent results efficacious but also gentle thanks to the presence of cornstarch derivatives.


How often can I use Colacne lotion?
As Colacne is a deep pore cleanser removing sebum and impurities, it should be used before  applying any cosmetic creams, so that its active ingredients can penetrate the skin and be fully effective.
As a treatment in the early stages of acne, it is recommended you consult a dermatologist before use.


How often can I use the callus and corn plasters?
Daily if required, until the disappearance or softening of the callus/corn.

Can I use Amidosan ® Intimate during my menstruation?
Definitely. As its composition is based on natural antiseptics it is essential for maintaining a healthy feminine area.


Why does the tea tree oil content in Amidosan ® Intimate not have the usual characteristic odor?
Because in this formula the tea tree oil is not added as such but mixed with a cornstarch based preparation. This resource preserves and increases the efficacy, as the product releases its ingredients just when used and at that time the characteristic strong and penetrating odor is mitigated.

What happens if I use an intimate cleanser with an incorrect pH?
It is always advisable to use an intimate cleanser with a pH that respects the vaginal environment so the microflora and normal composition of the area is not affected.


Can I use Amidosan ® Baby Milk for myself as well as for my child?
Definitely.  The Amidosan ® Milk formula is extremely delicate and nourishing and is suitable for all skin types


Can I use Amidosan ® Baby Wash & Shampoo on my newborn baby?
Yes, Amidosan ® SLS / SLES free Wash & Shampoo has an extremely delicate formula that cares for the fragile and not yet fully developed skin of a newborn. For the first few baths, after the baby has lost the umbilical cord stump, it is recommended the cleansing with the extremely delicate Amidosan ® powder free of SLS / SLES too.

How often can I wash my baby’s hair with Amidosan ® Baby Wash & Shampoo?
The extreme sensitivity of the natural surfactants Amidosan ® Baby Wash & Shampoo means you can wash the baby's hair as needed, usually this would be 2-3 times a week.


How often should I apply Amidosan ® Cream to my baby’s red bottom?
Every time you change the diaper.  Amidosan ® Cream protects the skin from irritations caused by feces, urine and sweat.

Should Amidosan ® Cream be rubbed completely or left as layer on the skin?
For the barrier action to be effective, you should leave a coating on the skin; for a soothing effect, rub the cream in with a gentle massage until it is absorbed.

Amidosan® e DECUVIA®

Where can I find Amidosan ® and Decuvia products?
The products are available in pharmacies and health stores. (In English we don’t have these various types of pharmacies).  Should they not be readily available in your pharmacy, the pharmacist can request them from the local wholesaler who always has a supply and new stocks can be provided very promptly.