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Amidosan Active Hand Cleansing Gel


Hydroalcoholic hand gel with Aloe Barbadensis.

No-rinse cleanser and sanitizer.

– HIGH ALCOHOL CONTENT: Alcohol content greater than 70 %.

– PHYSIOLOGICAL pH: Most gels on the market have a pH >7, Amidosan Active Gel has a pH of 5.5, which is more suitable and respectful of the skin’s hydrolipid film.

– HIGH VISCOSITY: Higher viscosity promotes longer hand massage time, delayed alcohol evaporation and consequently longer contact time in favor of better sanitation.

– with ALOE and GLYCEROL: The high content of a special cold-pressed aloe gel and vegetable glycerol give the product moisturizing characteristics that offset the dehydrating and drying effect of alcohol and frequent use of this type of product


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Amidosan® Active Gel cleanses and sanitizes hands while leaving skin soft and dry.
Its use is indicated:

  • to cleanse and sanitize hands regularly without causing excessive dehydration
  • when spending a lot of time outside the home, in public places and in crowds of people
  • as a preventive action in epidemic settings


Alcohol denat., Aqua, Glycerin, Aloe barbadensis leaf extract, Carbomer, Parfum, Sodium hydroxide.


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How do I use Amidosan® Hand Cleansing and Sanitizing Gel?

Pour enough gel into the palm to cover the entire surface of the hands; rub the hands until the gel has completely evaporated. In about 30 seconds your hands will be completely dry.
Do not approach flames or any burning objects while applying the product.

Why use Amidosan® Hand Cleansing Gel??

Frequent hand cleansing is a healthy habit that we acquired during the Covid pandemic and that it is important to continue to adhere to after the return to normalcy..

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