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Amidosan set

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Love your skin
A set designed for those who want to take care of their skin and protect it from irritation, dryness, flaking and skin redness. Gentle formulations that respect the natural hydrolipidic film and cleanse the skin without aggressive actions. Try Amidosan set for proper daily hygiene at all times of the day.

FOR FREE Amidosan bag in natural cotton.


– Amidosan Powder to soothe and refresh in the tub or shower. First aid in case of itching, irritation, excessive sweating.
– Amidosan Fluid for a refreshing and silky shower.
– Amidosan Soap for in case of excessive sweating and sensitive or irritation-prone skin
– Amidosan Dermosapon for gentle hygiene at your fingertips. Also as an intimate cleanser As a pH-balanced intimate wash
– Amidosan natural cotton bag FOR FREE


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